Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines

This page is dedicated to the casino and affiliate managers, as well as other casino employees that wish to contact us.

It is important to note that Dharamraz is not a mere advertising website. It intends to be an information source for the casino players. The reviews on our website are fair and unbiased, and we might advertise those casinos that conform to our strict guidelines in all aspect, and offer players a better opportunity to win. There is a chance that our guidelines stand different from other casino review websites, so please take the time to read this information before contacting us to stay away from any false impressions.

Go through the following heads to know more about our advertising guidelines-

Our Reviewing Process

We review casinos on various parameters set by us considering game choice, bonus, player's safety, software used, past record, customer support to name a few. To be listed at Dharamraz, you need to meet the set standards. We do accept review requests but be patient as it might take time to review as we have a specialized team that plays at and tests each casino we review. You can contact us via our contact form to submit a review request. In no cases, we accept pre-written reviews.

Ranking higher on our bonus lists

TSimply said- Better the deal, higher the rank. We believe that a lot of casinos have a lot of offer to their customers given increasing competition in the industry. The bonus rankings work on an algorithm and it might differ from country to country to give our players the best result. To increase your ranking you can do some of the following things- reducing wager, reducing games restriction, making the bonus cashable, or providing other special bonuses. Please contact us if you have an exclusive bonus for players at Dharamraz.

Making it to the recommended casino

You don't only have to meet all the parameters, but to get to this list, you have to excel in all the parameters, individually as well as relatively to other casinos. We handpick the casinos which are the best performers and face no issues with the players and re-evaluate them to arrive at the list of the recommended casino. This can be done on a monthly basis, but usually, the recommended casinos are there to stay. It is a tough competition, and the rules are strict. To be eligible, a casino should be at least a year older and have no major negative feedbacks. If you think you can make it to the list, it would be an honor to get in touch with you.

Blacklisting Casinos

With no exceptions, if a casino is found involved in fraudulent or unfair practices, or giving extremely poor customer service, we blacklist those casinos. The Casino Industry runs on trust, and once it's lost it can be hard to earn it back. We do not believe in second chances here until there are some reasonable and legitimate reasons like change in ownership. In that case, you might request us to re-review your casino.

We appreciate that you took the time to read this information. We'd be glad if you keep in mind these guidelines before contacting us. If you have any questions or concern, or just want to get in touch with us, please use our contact form.

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