10 Things More Dubious Than Casino, In actuality

Every day is a new challenge. Life surrounds you with failures, heartbreak, uncertainties. When you think of gambling, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The chance to get lucky and hit a jackpot, numerous fun games that can be played or that it is not very certain. If you think Casinos are not certain, we at Dharamraz, have compiled a list of 10 things that are definitely more uncertain than gambling. Things that you bet and hope on almost every day of your life.

1. Your Husband Remembering Your Anniversary.
A Date, Gift or even Diamond ring won’t work here, you’ll just be left with taunts till the next year. Forgetting your Anniversary is giving your wife a lifetime right to blackmail you for not loving her. It’s not a joke. Why can’t husbands just, nevermind. Will have more luck winning at online casinos and then I can get my own diamond.

A guy saying I love you & I'll be with you forever

2. Boss letting you go from work before time.
Office asks for your constant presence, sometimes unnecessary. How many times have you completed your work early but you still can’t go before time? This is a glimpse of an actual situation faced by most of the employees doing corporate jobs. The rarity that the boss will let you go before time is real unless there is any genuine reason. In this case, even praying to god, for your boss showing some mercy on you won’t work, because it is what it is. When it comes to gambling, you can at least leave the game whenever you want.

Boss letting you go from work before time

3. Elevator Rides With A Celeb.
Well, well, well. This can only happen in dreams, do you agree? It can be a coincidence, which also has a 0.0001% chance of this happening. Obviously, it is very uncertain that you get a chance to have an elevator ride with a celebrity. On the other hand, at least gambling lets you meet up new people, and if you hit a jackpot, you are not less than a celeb then. Come on, Give it a thought.

Elevator Rides With A Celeb

4. Your Sibling Becoming Less Annoying.
Bribing, Screaming and even Biting won’t work in this condition. This is something next to impossible that your sibling, be it elder or younger becomes less annoying. No matter wherever you go, whatever you do or what place you are into, the annoying cribs never really go and you can try all you want but you’ll always be a victim of it, which makes it more annoying. We somehow still hope that our sibling gets lesser annoying. Wish we had hoped after rolling a dice instead, at least there’s a scope of a big win.

Your Sibling Becoming Less Annoying

5. Having a holiday on Public Holidays.
This is something that is a huge concern for every working employee across the world. Having a holiday from office sounds relief but having a working day even on public holidays sounds terrible but yet it is inevitable. So, the uncertainty level is too high in this case but when it comes to Online Casinos you can seek it’s privilege whenever you wish to, and obviously even on Public Holidays. No dry days here.

Having a holiday on Public Holidays

6. Chances of your worst day changing into your best day.
It is believed that if something bad happens when you wake up in the morning for example; when you put your phone on charge, but forget to switch on the socket or when you toast a bread but it burns. So, the point here is, continuous bad things happening since the start of your day won’t change it suddenly into something good. The certainty level is obviously 0 here. But when you think of gambling, what if you hit a jackpot? Rest is self-explanatory.

Chances of your worst day changing into your best day

7. Your best friend sharing food with you.
Joey doesn’t share food, and neither does any of our best friends until it is pineapple on pizza and then it is all yours. Apart from that, Begging, Hitting, Stealing just doesn’t seem to work because “food is life and above all (especially you), to them” The fact “sharing is caring” doesn’t apply here. But, when it comes to online casino bonuses like Refer-A-Friend Bonus would make you both want to share, cause no pain, only gain.

Your best friend sharing food with you

8. Your Dad Not Yelling At You for Crashing his Car.
You could’ve killed yourself from rat poison instead. Crashing your dad’s car is just like a suicide mission. You can either play safe or its a situation of life and death. Not getting scolded for crashing his car would be indeed a miracle. The intensity might depend on his mood. If it’s good, then you’re alive but definitely not safe. Better to take risks at gambling than driving your dad’s car.

Your Dad Not Yelling At You for Crashing his Car

9. God giving you, more than what you ask for.
It’s applicable to anything and everything. That extra slice of pizza, more salary, just another hour with your loved ones. You always want more than God’s Plan. You happen to pray at a Casino as well, (the most real of prayers in fact) but when you play at an online casino, you do get more than you ask for. Unexpected online casino bonuses and other rewards sometimes for which you do not even have to ask or pay for.

God giving you, more than what you ask for

10. A guy saying I’ll be with you forever and meaning it.
This is especially for the ones who have gone through a heartbreak. We are sure somehow everyone would be able to relate to this or has a friend who can. If you have been unaffected by this, you’re very lucky, but you’ve definitely seen your best friends cry over a guy’s promises. “I Love You”, “You are the only girl I talk to”, “I’ll be with you forever” are all things that are most certainly less likely to be meaningful. At least, while playing at a casino you can know that they stand by their promises by reading online casino reviews.

 A guy saying I'll be with you forever and meaning it


Hope now you are exceptionally through with the uncertainties which are more real and verifiable than gambling and would prefer trying a hand on it.

Note: Gambling is just a game and can be very enjoyable if you actually adore the extra cash and play it wisely.

Do let us know which of these ten points do you find the most uncertain.

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