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Online gambling has evolved since the time it is launched and there are many online gambling sites. There is a myth surrounding casinos that you cannot win a lot when playing online, but, that is not true.

To fully enjoy the online gambling experience, one must also thoroughly understand how the online casinos work? or how to win money at the casino? Each and every casino has different terms and conditions for every game they feature on their website, so reading the online casino terms and conditions is very important. There are many who win real money at online casino for free, and that is definitely possible if you know the various ways to improve your game.

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Gambling

1. Types of online casino

types of online casino

Understand the types of online casino, There are many types of online casinos. Based on the type of games players want to play, they can choose the casino. The types of casinos can be categorised as Slots casinos, Live Table Casinos and Sports betting casinos. There are Game software providers who create games which casinos then install on their website.

All games work on an automated algorithm, which cannot be altered by the casinos, so that is how we know that the games and casinos are authentic. It is important that you are playing the right game and the right casino.

2. Casino Regulated by Gambling authority

Always check the Gambling authority under which the casino is regulated. Major casinos with good reputation are regulated under good authorities like Malta Gambling Authority, Great Britain Gambling Authority, Curacao Gaming Authority etc.

Choosing a good casino this way helps you to know if a casino will be fair in its games and payments. Always also check if any casino has country restrictions. If your country is not in the allowed list, then there is no point playing that casino.

3. Casino game strategy

Your gaming strategy is very important in your success at an online gambling site. Understanding the game is very important and this can be done, by first try out betting sites with free bets and later play on online casino games for real money. Once you know how a game works, how the payouts are, then build your casino game strategy.

casino gambling strategy

Bet low to win more or bet high to win more, it is your call, based on your strategy. You are in a better position to create a strategy when you do a trial and error test on the games you play. So, make sure you document your every move and accordingly build your game strategy.

You must always keep in mind that best online casinos that payout give their players chances to win big, through progressive jackpots. Another way to win big is to enter tournaments, since there is a healthy competition, a leader board in front of you and a huge prize to win. Sometimes, casinos also run special promotions for tournament players.

4. Best Online Casino promotions

A good casino will run many promotions to give chance to their players to win big. There are many promotions, but the ones you must lookout for are: online casinos no deposit bonus, free cash bonus no deposit casino, free online casino games etc.

Always know that bonus terms and conditions of a game are different from the casino terms and conditions. Fully read the bonus terms before you deposit your amount. Do not hesitate to take help from the casino customer support who can guide you with this, or give you information about it.

Apart from promotions, joining the casino VIP or Loyalty program as a member gives a player lots of perks like cashback, bonuses, free spins etc. So, make sure you join one which does not require special permission from the casino. Since, some casinos also have VIP programs where they only are members as per invitation only.

5. Online casino guide

Reading about various casinos is good, especially their reviews on Dharamraz. Dharamraz also offers a very helpful guide on how to choose free online casino games, casino slot games, best online casinos, etc.

Also join some good forum sites for casinos, where you will get a good idea about the various promotions run by casinos, comments of players, feedback from players. This is also a good place to know about casinos which you must avoid, so that you do not lose money while playing on it. At the forums you may also find a good mentor who could guide you about the casinos and the games, so try and test the strategies other players also share at the forums and see what works for you best.

Another important point to note is that you must not get carried away and start betting on games without knowing if the bet win gives you a bankroll or make you bankrupt. So, go steady while playing games. If you have second thoughts, it is better not to go that way.

Always keep a margin aside when you are betting, so you know that you do not place bet on the totally amount in your casino account. It is always wise to withdraw the maximum amount from your casino account, so as to stop yourself from getting carried away. Only keep an amount that you don’t mind losing in your casino account.


The list of 5 ways to maximise your online gambling experience will be helpful for every player. Just make sure you read them and accordingly apply them to your situation, game and casino. You have to have an open mind to start playing at a casino and do not be disheartened if you lose, may be it is not for you. But, do give a try and play with money which you do not mind losing, if you do unfortunately. But, we always hope that every player wins big at the casinos. So, with that positive note, all the best to every casino player.

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