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Have you ever thought why a black cat crossing your path is bad luck? Or why the number seven is considered lucky? There are many opinions about the origins of these common superstitions, but without any insight explanations, they remain just superstitions that have successfully come from generation to generation.

Gamblers are considered the most superstitious kind of people. They are always in search of Good luck charms for gambling and their beliefs are distinct in different forms – some players get attached to routines or physical objects, others stick to certain colors or numbers when playing in a land-based or online casino. Now let’s see what kind of Good luck charms followed by online casino games and land-based casino game players.

Here are the top most gamblers good luck charms for winning.

1. Wear Red Clothes

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One of the most interesting superstitions comes from China is that red is the lucky color. According to Chinese mythologies, red color brings prosperity and good luck. So, the superstitious gamblers often wear red trousers, red shoes, red underwear or any other item of the same color in order to increase their winning chances. In fact, it’s considered to be so lucky that Chinese gamblers make a habit of wearing a red color. Lots of casinos in Macau have red rooms which were specifically made to create good luck. That’s why the red color is considered as top most gambling lucky charms for gamblers.

2. Four-leaf clover

four leaf clover - luck in casino

As per legend, the luck of the four-leaf clover goes back to Eve, who supposedly carried one out of the Garden of Eden. Others have faith in their energy since they’re just so uncommon to discover. For every 10,000 three-leaf clovers, there is just a single four-leaf. The four leaves speak of faith, hope, love, and luck. Therefor four-leaf clover is considered as good luck charms for gamblers

3. Grooming habits

Grooming habits in gambling superstitions

India is viewed as a standout amongst the most superstitious nation we have ever learned about.

In case you’re going to play at the gambling club, you have to realize that Shaving on Tuesdays, washing your hair on Thursdays, and trimming your nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays is generally considered bad luck in India. 

4. Avoid the Casino’s Main Entrance

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Lots of people considered that it brings bad luck from entering through the main entrance of a land-based casino. This superstition started from a time when MGM Grand Casino had a large lion on its entrance, and players had to walk through the lion’s jaw, on their way to the gaming floor. After that, MGM Grand changed their entrance, but still, some players prefer to use the side doors, instead of passing through the main one.

5. Voodoo or ‘Multi Magic’

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Gamblers from South Africa believe that voodoo or ‘multi magic’ will bring them good luck. Voodoo witchcraft is considered to give individuals more luck when performing in the correct manner. Even many South Africans people believe that smoking the dried brains of vultures will provide them with some special powers like the ability to anticipate lottery numbers and result of the match. The dried brains are in such high demand that vultures are now facing extinction in South Africa. This one is considered the weirdest gambling superstition.

6. Blowing on dice

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Blowing on dice is one of the most common superstitions around the globe. It is common to the point, that in films, you’ll most likely observe delightful ladies blowing on a man’s dice before they are rolled. It is trusted that blowing on the dice before they come in specific recreations, similar to craps, will enable the card shark to roll the correct number. It as far as anyone knows brings good fortunes. Speculators likewise regularly blow on cards or rub the dice for good fortunes. This is one of the least demanding superstitious acts to play out that many trust help to fill their pockets with money.


Having fun is What Matters:- One thing is clear, using special gambling tips and superstitions can help people to gain their confidence and improve strategy of winning to a certain limit. But luck has it’s own way and what’s important is having fun along the way, no matter if you win or lose.

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