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For a land-based casino, you need a car, petrol, cash to go around and most importantly a casino in your proximity, but for an online casino, a user just needs access to the internet and some free bonus to get started with. They have an enormous variety of games, huge bonus options, loyalty programs, and self-exclusion policy to keep the players safe and happy. But are these online casinos worth trying?

You are sure to find yourself asking a lot of questions before you register at an online casino, and you are very right to do that. With so many new sites coming every day, a lot of sites do try to scam the users, but you can steer clear of these casinos by considering the following red flags, like unrealistic bonuses, no licenses, poor customer support and most importantly the casino reviews.

Land-based casinos have their own set of benefits, but if we talk about which are more effective and where you are more likely to win- Online casinos beat the land based casino.

6 times when online casinos are better than the land-based ones

The game goes on

You can access it anytime and anywhere. People are always on the go, and it is not always possible to take out time to go to land-based casinos. Some people stay far away, and sometimes there is just so much work. Having an option to play casino on your tablets, laptop and mobile casinos makes it very much easier to enjoy whenever you want to.

online casino comfort

Variety, Variety, and Variety

There is an endless list of games to choose from, which serves as a very big benefit for the user in many ways. They can play the kind of games they like the most, and explore as much as they want to on these online platforms. You also have a lot of games where you can play without real money. These games help you to get more familiar with the game and increase your chances of winning when you are playing real money casino games. More the number of games, more is the competition, so you are likely to see constant advancement in games.

online casino versus land based casino

And don’t forget the bonus..

You get free bonus, sign up rewards and other incentives to play online. There is so much competition among online games, that everyone wants to give more than their competitors. They have loyalty programs, where you can win for yourself luxurious tours, exciting prizes, exclusive tournaments and what not. We recommend our user to make sure to have read the terms and conditions before playing a certain game.

online casino bonus

It’s entirely safe, and maybe safer

The Gambling Commission, the legal jurisdiction and online casino review casino sites like Dharamraz, keeps the game in check by ensuring that they use a safe system, fair software, and standard customer support to provide users with safe online casino games. Dharamraz provides unbiased online casino reviews in terms of bonus, software, payment methods and ensures that the players are safe by blacklisting the casinos that do not abide by the rules and regulations or are suspected of being involved in some fraudulent activity.

Less addiction

Unlike the land-based casinos, live casinos don’t strip you out of your time. There are doors and windows around you, and you can see when the day has turned into night. It becomes easy to allocate just the right time for having fun. It is necessary to set a budget and time duration to indulge in gambling pleasure. Gambling is just a game, and it is important to be responsible while gambling. Online casinos also religiously follow a dedicated Responsible Gambling program which lets you lock your account as a self- exclusion policy. It is mandatory for all casinos to have a responsible gambling program.

More privacy and definitely comfort

Are you someone who doesn’t like a lot of interruption and enjoy your privacy, or just don’t like changing from your lowers? Online gaming is for you. You don’t have to bother socializing or looking classy for a casino. It gives you the best of both worlds- the comfort of your home and a live experience of a casino.

Online casinos have a similar payout rate to the land based casino but because of free bonuses, free games online casino has an upperhand over land based casino. Land-based casinos provide you with a social setting and a completely different ambiance, that the online casinos can’t entirely cover, but talking about the effectiveness of such games, we think that “online casinos can be a better bet.”

Thanks to these advantages, online casinos have a huge fan base and more and more land-based casinos are going live on the internet.

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