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Casino Bingo Games and the variety of bingo has taken the whole world by storm especially in our country. In the comfort of your home, the online website allows bingo players to enjoy this game and make fun of your nearby bingo halls in a secure and very safe environment.

Well, guys your favorite game Bingo has been gained so much of popularity through out the last few years in the casino industry. Many of the enthusiasts from America and UK love to play it online and offline. Bingo Games Online is now fashionable to young players that are in their late 20s to early 40s. While playing these game players may get bingo promotions that will provide them free cash, bonuses, bingo gift cards which ensure hours of fun! But sometimes, people are not aware of the several terms use in the game and then they lost their bettings. Here at Dharamraz affiliate portal, we have put all collection together of BINGO glossary that will help us to understand the game easily.

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* Admission packet- You may find in most bingo halls have a minimum number of cards you must get it as an eligible participate in the bingo games. Generally, you need to purchase 3 to 6 cards for a regular game and this means the purchase of an ‘’ Admission Pack’’.

* After Games- The term ‘after games’ means, any one of the games played after the end of a regular “session” on the website.

*Bingo Board- A show board, normally electronic, that “lights up” demonstrating each number as it is called. Likewise, on the board, the quantity of balls called and the diversion example may likewise be shown on what is known as the “Game Board.”

* 75 Ball Bingo- In the US and Canada, Bingo is played traditionally with 75 balls. You can see bingo cards have numbers on 5*5 grid and it ranges from 1 through 75.

*Ball lifter- The apparatus that lifts a ball below the playing field to the end of the ball shooter.

* Ball shooter- The spring shooter with a rubber tip used to throw the ball into the playfield area.

* Buzzword Bingo- This terminology used in place of numbers. It is specially used for events such as baby shower Bingo game. Bingo lovers mark phrases and words on their card as they heard. The first number player to mark five phrases in row calls ‘’Bingo’’ or replaced word.

* Caller- The machine or individual that speaks out the Bingo numbers for all the present players on the table.

* Cash Ball- A progressive jackpot that pays out when a Bingo is called. Although, the cash ball was the last called ball. It is taken before the game begins to start. A prize offered to those who had a bingo even without the cash ball as the last number on the card.

* Dauber- A bottle filled with ink or pen with a foam tip used to mark called numbers on ‘flimsy’ sheets. When you touch it on the bingo card with a foam tip, it instantly marks the square.

* Early bird- Bingo games played before ‘early’ than daily scheduled session. Usually, it has special deals associated.

* F.O.P. – Fraternal Order of Police while Play Bingo Online.

* Four Corners- The one of the bingo pattern where you must cover all the corners of the card. If you get that four numbers, you will win!

* G.T.I.- It is an electronic dauber used by gamblers to hold multiple cards in one game.

* Hard Card- In order to cover card numbers, hardboard is usually used.

* House- The term defines a gambling platform such as a casino villa or bingo hall.

* Jackpot- The highest cash reward generally given on winning the most difficult pattern or filling the entire bingo board.

* L.O.T.M. – It defined the Loyal Order of the Moose at the Bingo Hall.

* Money Ball A money ball number is drawn before the bingo game begins which doubles a player’s prize if bingo is hitted down on that number.

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