Complete beginner’s guide on how to use max bet at online casinos

Playing on online casinos is fun and entertaining and can help earn you lots of money. The main point to keep in mind is to make sure you follow a guide and read the latest tips and tricks on a regular basis on a reputable online casino review site like Dharamraz.

Here we have a complete beginner’s guide on how to use max bet at online casinos. Below are some of the things to keep in mind as an online casino player:

• When you use trusted online casinos, you begin to understand the games, especially slots and accordingly start betting higher and higher to earn a bigger share.

• Many casinos place a limit to the maximum bet you can place in order to safeguard their own profits, especially when there are quite a number of players that are absolutely blasting at winning huge on slots.

• The best way to stay above the game without violating any casino rules is to always read the Terms and Conditions of the casino carefully first, especially regarding max bets.

• You are responsible for your bets, so be careful while placing max bets, ask yourself if it is worth taking a risk.

• Don’t wager a large amount unless and until you are sure of winning, do not play recklessly, play sensibly

• Withdraw from the game even if you have a tiny bit of doubt of losing money.

• Every casino is different, hence their rules, terms, and conditions also vary, hence do not assume that the max bet limit will be the same for all the casinos.

• There are times that you may have hit the max bet button on the game by mistake, immediately get in touch with the customer support of the casino, so that you do not end up playing through forcefully and lose a lot of money unintentionally.

• Although casinos have a max bet limit, you can also individually place a max bet limit, so that you do not go over that limit and lose money, especially when you are on a roll.

• Having a max bet makes sure you do not go overboard especially when you are playing the jackpot.

• Many players who are really good on land casinos have better chances and advantage of winning a max bet at online casinos

• Before you actually place a max bet, it is better to study the game for a few days or weeks to understand the pattern of the slots, it is not necessary that you win on slots only by betting max, some slots will pay you consistently even if you place a minimum bet. So understand the slot before betting.

• Utilize the no-deposit bonus codes facility given by the casino, so that you don’t have to put an extra deposit to wager.

• The best way to learn a game is when the casino gives you free spins and you have studied the slots thoroughly, so you can build confidence to place the max bet.

• Some casino games have a low wagering requirement, so identify those, and study them as usual and then you will know how to play online slots.

• Since slots use random number generator, slot games become predictable, especially if you know the pattern, so make sure you note down the pattern and play wisely so you can bet max when you know you will win huge

• Playing slots if played wisely can help you win big, hence do not play in a hurry, give it your hundred percent, see it as your work which will pay you if you give your full attention.

• When choosing a slot game, look for a game that has an RTP between 95% – 98%, the higher the better.

• Understand if the slot game is a single-line slot or multi-line slot. Single-line slots are good for beginners and have a lower risk, whereas multi-line slots are apt for seasoned players who have gained experience.

• Practise makes you perfect applies to slots also, hence practice as much as possible using free spins and bonus.

Playing slot games strategically with patience can help you earn a lot, so be calm, do not feel upset on small losses, but learn from your mistakes. Choose between progressive jackpots and random jackpots, since random jackpot amount will be less your risk is minimum, whereas progressive jackpots accumulate money from a group of people and have a percentage of risk attached but can be very attractive, so know where the stakes are high and accordingly decide which one to choose.

Identify games which offer max bet slot wins in 2019, there are quite a few YouTube videos which you can watch and get acquainted with the games as well. Understand the different images or symbols on the slots and learn how much they pay-out. For example, if it is a fruit picture slot game with all oranges in a row, the casino pays 25x, that means if you bet $1 on it and when you win you get $25. Registering with review sites like Dharamraz are true money savers because their reviews are genuine, reliable and unbiased, hence you can rest assured that the casinos they review are not fake and can be trusted.

Keep a track of online casino games 2019; you can do so by reading reviews of casinos on a day to day basis, with so many casinos coming up every day, you have a huge choice. Check out the top 5 online slot games that have a really good RTP:

1. Dead or Alive: One of the most popular slot games which will absolutely help you win big on max bets is Dead or Alive. The best part is that you can first get the feel of the game for free and then deposit and play for real. It is a classic game, developed by NetEnt, so the graphics and sounds bring the game to life as if you are in the cowboy region and is a complete package of fun and entertainment. Dead or Alive has an RTP of 96.82%, hence it is a good game to start as a beginner and also win huge on max bets. Play Dead or Alive with Pin Up Casino now.

2. Safari Sam: This game takes to the magnificent land of Simba and Lion King. They offer random multipliers which help you win hidden free spins. It is developed by Betsoft with an RTP of 97.50%. Play Safari Sam on ALF Casino now.

3. Holmes and the Stolen Stones: If you have read Sherlock Holmes books or watched the movies or series, then you will love this game of mystery. Yggdrasil gaming developer has made this game exciting and tempting. It has a good RTP of 96.8%. Play Holmes and the Stolen Stones on Boa Boa Casino now.

4. Big Bad Wolf: It is a fairy tale game inspired by the children’s classic story ‘the three little pigs’. It is developed by Playtech with a 97.34% RTP. Play Big Bad Wolf on Bet on Aces now.

5. The Tipsy Tourist: This game developed by BetSoft is really addictive. Sitting at home or your office experience beach life and win some free spins too. It has a 97.10% RTP. Play Tipsy Tourist with Cadoola Casino now.

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