Complete Guide: How to Play Slot Machines?

How to Play Slot Machines

Have you ever played the top rated online casino games in your crazy mood? If yes, then you must have definitely played a slot machine game for redeemable tickets. If you haven’t then it is high time you do go and play!!! It is an exciting feeling to win something at the slot machine, even if they are tickets and not real money.

But you can play, win and receive real money at a casino. Ok, I know you can’t go as far as Las Vegas, but what if I tell you that you can play on a casino slot machine from the comfort of your home on your mobile, desktop or laptop. With thousands of Slot games online, one doesn’t need to worry about going as far as Las Vegas. You can play slot games by joining any online casino website like SuperCat casino and if you go through Dharamraz you get SuperCat online exclusive bonus that is no-deposit bonus of 60 free spins, wager – x45, to all the newly-registered players in Esqueleto Explosivo, a popular slot game, it is free money guys so take advantage of the no-deposit bonus.

History of slot machines:

Casino slot machine

The first mechanical slot machine called The Liberty Bell was devised by Charles Fey in San Francisco, California, the US in 1899, many other slot machines were copied on this model. Due to laws in the US against gambling, slot machines used to give out food prizes like chewing gums instead of money. In 1976, Fortune Coin Co, a Las Vegas-based company developed a video slot machine, which was first installed on trial basis in Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. Since then there have been many modifications to the original slot machine.

How to play slot machines?

Winning Slot Machine Secrets

• A player puts a coin or cash or ticket into the slot of the machine, and then a lever or button needs to be pushed down, in online casinos you need to simply click on the button and the reel turns or images change.
• The player wins if all the images reveal the winning symbol combination.
• Every slot machine has different winning criteria.
• When the winning combination shows up the player gets back cash or tickets or free spins or extra games, it depends really on what the slot machine offers in return to the winner.

How to win in slot machines?

win in slot machines

The slot machines generate random sequence numbers or images, hence usually it is not known what combination will come next. It is a game of luck, where the player hopes for the best combination. According to experts, slot machines pay the winning money ranging between 82% to 98% of the wager (bet) amount of the player but vary according to the rules of games.

There are many types of online slot machine games these days and they tend to be popular too. To keep the players interested in online casinos have special bonuses and offers, like the Welcome deposit bonus with free spins, second deposit bonus, etc. to motivate the players to refill their online account.

Winning slot machine secrets:

Slot machine games

You can follow the following tips to win in slot machines:
1. Always first go through the rules of the slot game thoroughly, every slot game is different, so knowing what you are getting into is important.
2. Bet lower as opposed to higher bets, since you either lose or win, then why lose a huge amount, instead play safe and bet lower and build up your bankroll.
3. Don’t follow what the demo shows, since slots show random numbers or images, the numbers or images do not line up horizontally, but zig zag.
4. Play on a slot with high RTP or return to a player percentage rate. The higher the RTP, the more returns you are going to get. So an RTP between 93% and 95% is an acceptable RTP, RTP between 95% and 97% is a great RTP, RTP between 97% and 98% is an excellent RTP and RTP higher than 98% is superb RTP. (source: Beating Casino YouTube Channel)
5. When RTP is high on a slot game that means it works only when your stake is high.
6. If any slot machine games are not giving you enough free spins or bonus or you have been losing more than winning, it is time to move away from the game.
7. You need to have a lot of patience while playing slots and don’t worry about your money going down, keep rolling the slot will eventually give you profits.
8. Don’t be greedy and get carried away, that is the key to win money, play smart and not like a gambler.
9. Play simple slots with fewer variables, this will make sure you understand the game and also can predict the combinations after playing for a while.
10. Cash out or withdraw as soon as you win a profit of $25 and more. Keep a minimum balance in the account.
11. Logout of your casino account and then login again, and start with playing on the slots again.
12. Always read genuine reviews of the online casino and the slots you want to play, to know more about bonuses, etc.
13. Play on different slot games, that way you can spread your losses.
14. When you start losing, stop playing the slot game for that day, maybe it is not your lucky day.
15. Slots do not work on trial and error method, but by actually learning about the games in detail.
16. Make sure you look at the wagering requirements, meaning the bonus amount is released after you deposit the wager amount. Example ‘x45’and $100 deposit and you are getting a 100% bonus, so you have a balance of $100 (your deposit) and $100 (bonus amount), you need to wager 45 times i.e., $200*45 = $9000, so you need to wager a total of $9000 to be able to withdraw your winnings.
17. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, so make sure it doesn’t get to your head. Stay cool and don’t panic, you have the choice to stop playing.

Check out the 10 most popular Slot Machine Games 2019 worth trying:

Slot machine game 2019

1. Esqueleto Explosivo has an RTP of 97.6%, SuperCat Casino.
2. Dream Catcher has an RTP of 98%, CK Casino.
3. Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead has an RTP of 96.21%, Slottica11.
4. Gears of Thrones has an RTP of 98% – 99%, CK Casino.
5. Love Bugs has an RTP of 98%-99%, CK Casino.
6. Lucky Angler has RTP of 98%-99%, CK Casino
7. Retro Reels – Extreme Heat has an RTP of 97%-98%, SuperCat Casino
8. Toki Time has an RTP of 97.1%, Sloticca11.
9. White Rabbit has an RTP of 97.39%, CK Casino
10. Thrones of Persia has an RTP of 98.83%,SuperCat Casino.

Slot games are fun and entertaining and playing sensibly can help you stay on top. Now that you know the tips on how to win on slots, also the most popular games, first go ahead and read expert casino reviews and then go ahead and put in some money, and follow the tips. You are sure to win profits slowly and steadily.

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