How to Play Online Roulette ?

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On the grand scale at America since 17th century Roulette has offered entertainment, mystery, and excitement to casino lovers. Unquestionably Online Casino Roulette is one of the most loved casino game in the world. It’s large wheel table, exciting bets and spinning ball make it the roller coaster ride in itself. Moreover, your excitement begins when you choose a number or a color and the dealer spins the wheel from the seat.

Online Roulette is just like other casino games being played in Las-Vegas. Whether you choose an American or Europen version of it the only advantage of playing it that you don’t have to travel to a crowded casino, just to see there is no vacant table. The fun-loving online roulette games come with features like free play system, Roulette tutorials and mega bonuses and payment options.

Steps to Play Roulette:

It starts when you make a bet and the wheel is spun. Each gambler guesses the number or possible group numbers holding winning probability, and then they place a bet on the numbers. It’s up to the player to whether it would be inside bet or outside bet.

1.A gamer must click on the chips on the table to select their bet amount.

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2. In the second step, a player must click on the color, number or group possibilities to make their bet. Once the bet is done, simply click on ‘Spin’ to the let the wheel rotate or a player may choose other options like ‘Double Bet’ or ‘Undo’ for new betting.

 Online Casino Roulette

3. Wait until, the wheel stop and ball to stand on the chosen bet option.

 Online Casino Roulette

Game Rules:

Online Roulette Game rules are simple. Before placing a bet keep in mind you must decide a number or group of numbers on which the ball might stop. These rules are same for all variants, including both American and European/French Roulette, the minor difference is the numbers of slots in these casino games.

  • American Roulette- It has total 38 slots with 1-36 numbers and two zero slots (a single 0 & double 00).

  • European Roulette- Although, it has 37 number slots with 1-36 numbers and a one single zero slot.

Everything thing is simple in terms of rules or gameplay. But a player must know their 2 sets of betting options perfectly involved in the game of Roulette! Because it is the trickiest and the most critical part of the game.

Inside Bets- These bets are placed inside the numbered grid or roulette game layout.

  • Single

  • Split

  • Street

Outside Bets- These bets do not involve specify numbers and are placed on an outer side of the numbered map. For example-

  • 1 to 18

  • 19 to 36

  • Red or Black

  • Even or Odd

Game Strategy:

Roulette is a game of pure chance. At every roulette table playing a variation, European Online Casino Roulette Game helps as an extra zero in American can increase the house edge. Simultaneously, the chances of winning probability will decrease.

Don’t worry try to find online roulette platforms where you can find an option of ‘Surrender’ to save yourself from losing the selected bet if and when, the spin ball stands on single or double zero.

Well, Roulette looks like an easy casino game to try because it relies solely on chance. But the real player skill comes in knowing how to bet before the wheel stops.

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