Kinds of Slots Machines and Their Principles of Operation

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Keeping in mind while playing online casino slots on various types of slot machines has distinct terms and rules to define your winning payouts. What’s more, their wager choices and paying plans differ accordingly.

And to enable you to make sense of the basic operation of slot machines, we offer you to peruse this blog about slot game machines.

General Categorization of Slots

1. Video Slots: It may have 5 or 9 reels, for a greater number of possible combinations so that chances of winning bigger payouts is high. One of the best part of video slots is that your last spin doesn’t impact the another one. So, basically your every spin on the online game slots offers equal chances of winning and losing.

2. Reel Slots: Reel slots are also known as traditional or classic mechanical, which contains three reels along with various symbols like fruits, diamonds, gems, bars and many.

Categorization according to Betting Type

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1. Dollar Slots: You might heard about the dollar slots at casino, for which the lowest best per spin is $1. Dollar Slots game machines has fewer lines than the penny slots that means you have fewer chances of getting any payouts. A very good thing is that the payout rate is much high-generally around 90-95%.

2. Penney Slots: As like video slot machines they have the same principles. All you need to press the button so that the reels move and symbols are visual in line, hopefully in our favor.

Remember that Penney slots may offer you daily online slots bonus, so its a great opportunity to use them, but make sure you’re not able to carry it for longer time.

3. High-Limit Slots: If you love to play many bets, then High-Limits slots is best because here you will place much higher bets per spin somewhere starting from $100 to $10,000 or even more.

Different Slots by Payouts

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1. Progressive slots: These are highly favored by players as they contain high profits. Progressive slots are just like to other types of slots but only for single thing it is different: the Jackpot depends on the play of other peoples.

On the other hand, it keeps increasing with each betting placed untill other person hits it. The winner of the game takes a share from all the wagers hits by the gamblers.

2. Fixed jackpot: Such slots contrast from different sorts of casino slot machines as the measure of the bonanza you can hit is restricted.

However, I would like to conclude that, all the casino websites follow strict rules by law, therefore all slot machines have computerized operation systems that yield a random number. The only thing that makes a difference by a casino is a payout percentage.

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