Know About: Different Variants of Online Roulette

online roulette game

Roulette is really a simple game, there was a time when we used to play one type of Roulette game on the Internet. However, software and casino game designers are making games wide and varied as is possible over the last few years. There are different online roulette game variations can make it seem little complicated.

American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette are actually slightly different. Below you’ll find a guide on online Roulette variations that help you to play better with low edge-

1. French Roulette Variant

This roulette game variant is frequently associated with Monte Carlo gambling where casino players can be found a huge crowd around the table. This is highly the game of chance invented from France and gained so much popularity after the French revolution.

2. Mini Roulette Game Variant

online Roulette game

Playtech has specially designed Mini Roulette which can be played at online casinos and it is the version of the Online casino roulette game which is based on fewer numbers and has the small wheel as compared to European & American variants of the roulette. Mini Roulette only includes (0-12) 13 numbers on its wheel has a house edge of 7.69%.

3. Multi-Ball Roulette Variant

Multi-Ball Roulette provides an exciting new twist on the game when we’re sick and tired of playing Roulette in its original form. As the name suggests, this variant has more than one ball as well as other versions that use 2, 3 or even 10 balls. Just like the European Roulette, the table and red/black wheel through the game look same. In fact, the game has only one zero pocket (the house edge 2.7%) is also the same!

4. 3D Roulette Variant

online Roulette game

3D Roulette, the game isn’t really different to other European online Roulette games. It still have one single zero and follows the same rules, the only difference about 3D Roulette is that its 3D animations and graphics are much attractive.

5. Pinball Roulette Variant

The foremost best variant of the roulette is to play Pinball Roulette. Ask why? The game features a table unlike European type of online Roulette. However, it doesn’t have Roulette wheel creates a remarkable difference in the game hub. On the other hand, instead of choosing the winning number via arcade classic pinball machine! Players can find it online at Playtech casinos.

6. Progressive Roulette Royale

online Roulette game

There are not so many online Progressive Roulette games available for players. Roulette Royale grants players the opportunity to win a big payout than the typical version of the online Roulette game. The Roulette wheel is like American Roulette version but the major difference in this game is the jackpot betting side. However, there house edge is high and stands at 7.9%.


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