Men vs Women- Who Gambles More?

The popularity of online casino games increased over the past few decades in the world of gambling, the virtual marketplace has become so supersaturated that online casino industries now facing an uphill struggle to attract new players.

One of the biggest questions when it comes to acquiring new business is not the “how”, but rather the “who” in terms of which demographic online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites should be targeting. The casino is viewed as a male-dominated game, and addiction is often associated with men gambling. However, nowdays the female gambling also came in existence, but how and why it is very different from men? Here we are revealing some of the more interesting and surprising facts about the gambling habits of the genders. 

The recent figures show that female gamblers are now the biggest emerging virtual marketplace for the casino industry. The fact is that men and women gamble differently and question is that who gambles more men or women. Being savvy to this reality, casino industries are having to come up with new ways to ensure that they don’t miss out on their customers in the race to maximize casino profits.

After doing lots of research and studying the data, we have found the most interesting differences between how men and women gamble online and who gambles the most male gamblers or female gamblers.

Basic Differences

  •  On the basis of percentage, 72% of gamblers are male while 28% of gamblers are female.
  •  On average men loses nearly about $ 4,799.00 per year while women lose $ 2,900.00 per year.
  • Men spend nearly 14 months while women spend 21 months of there lifetime, doing gambling.
  • The average age of men gamblers is 33 while female gamblers have 29.

Men vs Women – The Most Popular Games For Genders?men and women gambling habits

Recent survey reports said that roulette is played by nearly 27% compared to just 19% of women. For blackjack, there are a similar stats, with 23% of men to just 18% of women. The trend is reversed for slots, it’s the third most popular game for women players at 34% but just 26.5% of men play regularly and nearly 30% men play poker compared with just under 20% of women.

The number of female gamblers taking an interest in sports betting increasing day by day. In fact, 58.5% of gamblers regularly bet on sporting events.

However, the numbers of men playing online bingo also increased in recent time, that has made it the second most popular form on online gambling in the UK, with 42.2% of players regularly getting their virtual eyes down. Online slots are the third most popular game with around 29.8%.

In fact, it’s not just gender that influences the stats. We also have to consider age as a major factor in determining which games are favored. Online poker is preferred by the younger 25-34 generation. Whereas sports betting is most favored by players over 55, with 70% of this age bracket playing.

Men vs Women – Why Do The Genders Play Online?

motive of online gambling

The research was done by casino industries on 1000 players that what motivates the gender to do online gambling and here are the findings. 56.6% of male gamblers and 54.9% of the female gamblers said they played at casinos to make money. 54.4% of male gamblers and 51.8% of the female gamblers said they were in it to win it. 22.5% of women and 19.4% of men gambled because they were bored and only 5% more men said that they played for the thrill of it.

However, motivation can also be affected by a number of other reasons. Economic prosperity and even geographic location can affect why people play.

Men vs Women – How The Genders Would React To A Big Win?

Risk factor in online gambling

If we talk about risk factor for gambling then Winning is the only goal of both genders. But part of the skill of gambling is knowing how to react when your numbers do come up. The surveyors asked participants what they would do if they won $500.

Overall, more than two thirds would cash in the winnings immediately, but when we break down this into genders, a gap starts to appear. Women are more naturally cautious with 72.3% saying they would cash in a $500 win. This compares to only 61% of men.

Only 9% of female use the cash to try and win even bigger, as compared to 13% of men. When we look at the age demographic for this question, it reveals that the young are more risk inclined, with 15% of 25-34 olds willing to reinvest straight away. Those over 55 were the most cautious.

Men vs Women – The Most Unusual Places They Ever Gambled.

places of online gambling

When asked about the most unusual places they gambled, survey’s most interesting results came up. 23% of women and 27.2% of men gambled in the bathroom Around 10% of both sexes had gambled while in hospital. The percentage of both genders had gambled while driving in their car is about 8% of both men and women Only 8.4% of women and 12.6% of men play gambling at family events, including weddings and even funerals.

Both the genders admitted that they used friend or spouse’s account for online gambling. Let that be a reminder to always close your account and keep your passwords safe and secure. You never know who could be taking advantage.


We have learned that the domination of male gamblers over gambling and betting is over. When future generations look back at today, they’ll see a much more even spread of the sexes involved in sports and betting. We also come to the conclusion that there is a difference in the type of games women and men play but that this gap is rapidly closing.

Perhaps as expected, we see that men gamblers are more inclined to take risks and much more likely to gamble large sums of money than women gamblers. When they do win big, the chances are greater that they will attempt to carry on their streak. But they are also more likely to have a strategy in place that relies on luck and even prayer.

We now know that brand loyalty is more appealing to women and that both sexes like to stick to the sites they are more familiar with. We also know that if your other half is spending lots of time in the bathroom, they’re probably in their gambling and that the man at the back of the funeral is one his phone placing a bet. But perhaps the most important lesson we can take from any of the results of this comprehensive survey is that it is never a good idea to gamble while driving.

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