Misconception About Online Casino – Online Gambling Myth

misconception about online casino

When you think about online casinos, you may have lot of doubts and misconceptions about online casinos. Especially there is a fear among non-players or players who are used to playing in a land-based casino that they may be duped of their money. However, we want to assure you through this blog that these are just online gambling myths.

Following are the myths you may have about Online Casinos:

Are online casino games rigged?

You may have a question like “is it possible that online casinos are rigged?” or “are online live casinos rigged?” Well online casino games are run on reputed software like Micro-gaming, Endorphina, Netent, and more. The software of each game is unique and cannot be rigged. There is nothing the casino operator can do to the software. So, it is a misconception that casino games are rigged. Online poker, all online legal casino games etc. use RNG or Random Number Generator which is a computer program where random numbers are generated. So, nothing is in the hands of the casinos.
If you are not sure which casinos to play on, then go through Dharmaraz’s Online Casino Listing to choose a casino that is licensed and regulated by a reputed country gambling commission. All the casinos in the listing are secure and reliable.

Lack of secure payment option in Online casino

Online casinos allow many reputed and reliable online casino payment methods like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc. which are absolutely safe to use. Many players also play and pay by mobile casino. On Dharamraz you will find the best gambling sites that are fair and offer online casino secure payment and deposit options. Casinos are very particular that their online casino security is always up to date, are complaint and all data is encrypted, so that players feel safe when using their casino.

Online casino games are illegal

If you play in a reputed online gambling sites that are listed on Dharamraz then you can be assured that all games are legal and registered and are from well-known software.

Online casino perks fake casino bonus offers

Beware of online casino offers scams and rogue casino operators that promise to give you lots of wins. That is why it is very important and safe to go through Dharamraz to the reviewed and listed casinos. You can make a big win in online casino when you avail online casino bonuses, casino bonus code, free spins, no deposit bonus and various promotions. Always read the terms and conditions of the casino you want to play.

The Games Freeze If You Are Winning Too Much

This is a myth. Casinos do not have any control over how the games are working. The games cannot be tampered with or frozen by the casinos.

You’ll Never Get Paid If You Are a Winner

This is totally wrong, casinos that are listed on Dharamraz do not do that. All casinos we have reviewed pay winners and encourage them. They also automatically become their VIP members and avail online best casino offers, lots of perks and privileges. Players can win real money and also get paid.

The best casinos will help you win casino online by giving lots of bonuses. Always check the games that have higher return to player at online casino. Now that you know that online casinos are safe and secure, you can easily register and start playing.

Happy Playing and Happy winning!!!!

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