Online Gambling vs Traditional Gambling


If you like gambling, then you must know the pros and cons of both online gambling and traditional gambling. For those who may not necessarily go to a traditional gambling casino, online gambling websites have paved the way for playing slots, live card games, etc. 

Let us weigh both types of gambling based on the following parameters:


Unless you live in Las Vegas and regularly visit the tradition gambling casinos or have loads of money to buy flight tickets every month or so, online gambling is very convenient. one can play favorite casino games from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world, you just need a computer and internet connection. 


Online Casinos are much safer than traditional casinos, since your money is safe in the account, whereas you may run the risk of your hard cash being stolen by someone in a traditional gambling casino. 

Opening and closing Times: 

Traditional casinos have a set opening and closing times, whereas an online casino can be used to play games 24/7 and 365 days. 

Unique gaming experience:

Online gambling provides unique gaming experience to players, for example, poker players can enjoy micro limits that are small bets as low as $1. This is not possible in traditional gambling. 

Payment Options: 

There is a huge variety of payment options online like Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill, Bank transfer, credit cards, etc., however in land-based casinos, payment options are limited. 

Insufficient seating

Another drawback of a traditional gambling casino is the insufficient seating area, you may want to play slots for example, but all the slot machines are full and you will have to wait for your turn. However, in online casinos, you do not face this problem. 



Rude staff:

In a land casino, you may come across rude staff, however, you have no interaction with any human while playing online games. 

Number of Games: 

In an online casino, one can play any number of games, and almost every casino provides more than 2000 games to customers which may not be possible on the traditional casino floor. 

Casino Bonus: 

Casino bonuses are the best part of an online casino, you get a welcome bonus and there are exclusive bonuses too (you can check out casino reviews by Dharamraz and also avail casino exclusive bonuses). 


In many countries gambling is restricted or illegal, however, people use a VPN connection to play online casinos from restricted countries. 

Mobile Gambling: 

One can play casino games on the go on their mobiles through online casinos, this is not possible with traditional gambling. 



However, it is ultimately the choice of a person in choosing which type of gambling they prefer, but largely people are shifting to online gambling.

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