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The slot game is that common image we link with best online casinos; several reels with various symbols and a lever on the right which you pull to make them spin. Online slot games are no different, making up the majority of the games offered by online casinos.

What’s better is that you don’t need a plastic cup of change, the graphics are years ahead of the real machines and forget pulling a lever – at the click of a button, those reels just start spinning. As with the real thing, these are the accessible type of game available, requiring no prior knowledge, tactics or bluffing. They’re also a game you can play alone and many players can while just pulling that lever. Keep reading our complete guide to online slot games for all you need to know to get started.

Different types of online slots

Online slot games generally fall into several categories: video slots, classic slots and jackpots/progressive jackpots.

A classic slot, as the name suggests, will usually look much like the traditional machines you find inside a casino and there are even fruit machine slots like you’d find in your local pub.

A video slot, on the other hand, is something much more advanced, with state-of-the-art moving graphics like a video game and all sorts of exciting themes and characters.

Finally, a jackpot or progressive jackpot often looks like a classic slot but the difference here is that the jackpots are pooled between thousands of online players, meaning you can potentially win more substantial sums of money, often exceeding £1m.

Online slots: Available game features

If you’re new to online slot games then following are the main types of a special symbol which you need to know about.

A Wild is similar to the Joker in a deck of playing cards. When a Wild appears, which will look different for each game you play, it can substitute any of the usual symbols in a game. For example, if you had three reels and two had matching symbols, the third being a Wild would mean you have a full row and you’d win.

Scatter symbols
A Scatter is a bit more complex than a Wild, unlocking different features, bonus levels or free spins depending on your choice of game.

These usually are activated when they appear anywhere on your reels, not just as part of a winning line like a Wild. If a bonus game is activated, this gives you the chance to win extra prizes in addition to the game itself. These present a fun little interlude to your playing experience and a chance to really appreciate the theme and graphics.

Multipliers are one of the common types of Scatter symbol and will multiply any winnings you receive on that spin. It could make the difference between winning £100 and £3,000 so a multiplier is definitely something to get excited about. It’s worth noting that multipliers usually only operate when the maximum bet has been placed.

Bet amounts
All row of signs and symbols on the reels of an online slot game is known as a pay line. The amount you bet can be adjusted depending on how many of these lines you’d like to be able to win with.

For example, a 5p bet might give you one active pay line, but 25p will give you five active pay lines, giving you 5x the chance of making a win. It’s basically about the amount of time you’d like to spend playing; the higher your bet the fewer spins you will make to spend the money you’ve deposited.

Using the lower bets, you will make more spins but have less chance of winning on each one. To adjust your bet, look for buttons above or below the reels where you should easily be able to use the arrows to adjust how much you want to bet per spin.

Each game has its own paytable, which shows you the combinations of symbols you need in order to make a win and the amount won with each combination. You should also find an explanation of any Wild or Scatter symbols. You can open up the paytable at any time during your game to remind yourself what you’re looking out for. For classic slots, paytables are usually quite straightforward but video slots can have some complex features which need a much lengthier paytable to explain.

How to get started

A good way to get started is to visit top rated online casino’s website and browse the slot games on offer. If you see one which appeals to you, then see if you can play a demo version. If you enjoy the game then browse the best online casinos to see who is offering the best welcome bonus. Most casinos offer new players a sort of golden handshake whereby they give you extra bonus funds to play with, free spins or the chance to enter draws for prizes. Once you’ve found a casino with a best welcome bonus you like and checked they have the game you like, then you’ll just need to register and make a deposit. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get spinning!

Online slot games are a great way for you to get started with online gaming. They offer an easy, accessible playing experience where there are no real rules to get your head around. A new player can just as easily win on an online slot game as an experienced gaming pro. You can also never get tired of slots with so many different games to choose from and new games being introduced all the time.

Sign up for an online casino bonus

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