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If you were among those who adore watching thriller and horror movies or serials, we’re offering online casino slots to make your entertainment as high as possible.

#Dracula slot by NetEnt

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This slot is featured as the Prince of Darkness. The strong and handsome boy in the game is searching for his true love. But, nothing is common between him and villain. Dracula is created with 5 reels and 40 fixed payline. The NetEnt is totally based on Bram Stroker’s 1897 novel. I think it will keep you entertained for hours. Don’t forget when Lord of Vampires meet his true love big bonus will be given and free spins will come in your account.

# Psycho slot by NexyGen Gaming

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Psycho game based on the spine-chilling book written by Alfred Hitchcock. You’ll to see different forms of adaptation of this story. The latest one is Bates Motel which is now a popular slot for many online casino games players. Mystery, Murder and Mommy issue unlike like an old motel you can see it this slot game. Enjoy the free spins bonuses to spin your way to riches!

#The Invisible Man Slot

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Explore the power of Invisible Man with lots of excitement, horror fear, and thrill. The Invisible Man spin of the reels goes together with scenarios of horror showed by cinematics, vfx, graphics and storyline. If you love to play try to escape from the Policeman who is following you while playing online game slots. Discover awesome slots bonus here!

# Alen game by NetEnt

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Get ready to win big with every free spin as there are plenty of bonus offers are waiting for you! This amazing slot has 5 reels and 15 paylines as like the Aliens films. Now, clear three different levels of the game: The Search, The Encounter, and The Hive. Once you have cleared this, start discovering the secrets of this exciting horror theme based online slot. You will love to watch Aliens come face to face on the reels. So, guys try to be brave and hit the game.

# Creature Slot game from the Black Lagoon

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Have you wondered? The feeling of being back in time, this NetEnt online slot is a form of a movie released in 1954. The brilliantly designed and awesome characters serves you a good moment while playing Creature from the Black Lagoon. This game is not only the spirit, but the available Online Slot bonus features are also an attractive part of this slot. Be sure not to miss the huge free spins!

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