Psychology of Gambling : Why Do People Gamble?

gambling psychology 2018

Gambling has been around for thousands of years, and at one point in time we do ask ourselves these questions “why do people gamble” When a lot of people constantly lose their money?” , “What motivates us to gamble more and more?’ We all want to know what is the underlying Psychology of Gambling? The growth of Gambling Industry, as well as more and more Online Casinos, denotes that it has always been successful. It is not possible if it has nothing to offer to its users. There is much more than the thrill to win big. Many factors can contribute to a gambling addiction, including desperation for money, the element of chance, the societal stand and much more which a lot of people don’t know. Unfortunately, once a gambling problem takes hold, breaking the cycle is difficult.

Why don’t you see it for yourself? I bet at least one of the gambling reasons listed below would surprise you:

1. Taking Risks is likely to be Exciting

Psychology of Gambling 2018

There are a lot of people on the planet who might deny being a risk taker, however, I think where it counts within every one of us there’s something that connects with the excite of taking a risk. It gets your heart rate beating, your mind dashing and your brain firing on all barrels. The uncertainty and the waiting give you so much anxiousness and an enormous load of feeling that is most likely to overwhelm you. While you wait as the ball spins, you get a natural high because it is fun and entertaining. This is the same principle amusement park works on- you feel involved, you are scared, you are anxious and at the same time excited. The rush just gets to you- no matter how little. It’s these little things in life.

“Even when you’re losing while you’re gambling, your body is still producing adrenalin and endorphins”

-Mark Griffiths, Nottingham University

2. You get a chance to escape

Gambling Psychology 2018

We are not saying that you should gamble to escape from your problems, but when you gamble you are feeling so many things in your brain and heart that you feel that everything is going great. You concentrate on the game and you get a break from your everyday life. We do sometimes like to turn our brain off because it gives us time to escape responsibility and recharge our batteries before diving back into real life and that’s why there are so many emotions. Most gambling players whether it’s real money online or in the casino hall are just in it for the fun. They don’t want big jackpots and rewards or win the craziest hand to call it a lovely night. The different atmosphere, classic games, and the perfect music are all that’s needed.

3. Society and all the Glamour

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The problem of compulsive gambling prevailing in the society from early days and the media has portrayed gambling by using visual cues that only depict style and glamorous. Casinos are shown to be extremely classy, where high- society folks come up very perfectly dressed, wearing the most expensive brands. The stylish and the fashionable aspect of the gambling is felt by the players when they actually gamble as they find themselves in the same scene doing similar things. Also, the people around the casino would make you feel very posh, and that is one major reason people keep going back to Land-based Casino. It is a reason why no one would miss going to a casino on their trip to Las Vegas. It is an experience in itself and people do pay for the experience.

4. Interacting with Different People

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Most people are introduced to Gambling by playing cards with their friends and family, and its a game where a lot of laughs and feelings are shared. It is a social event, always. In a casino, you get to interact with so many people over a drink or not, that you can find the vibe very appealing. People come from different backgrounds to take just a break, and everyone just seems to fit it. When everyone is in a very participative mood, the best conversations tend to happen and you don’t even need to find a topic.

5. The Thrill of the Win Big

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It is extremely thrilling thinking that there is even the slightest chance to hit a jackpot and win crazy amount of money. Who wouldn’t like to spend small pennies in hope for the biggest returns? According to surveys, it is shown that people still love betting on the house despite knowing the odds were against them. One reason revealed by them that they gambled to win and win big. And there’s a reason behind why it feels so good. When gamers continue to lose, their brain starts to prime themselves for the win! Although this is very unhealthy gambling habits, it is one of the reasons why people continue to place their money sometimes even without setting a budget.

People tend not to care only about the money when they are playing at a casino. It’s more about how entertaining it is and how it is an experience in itself like a day at the amusement park. It’s not a source of income and they enjoy playing at a casino because of the rush, unpredictability and the escape. The amount they end up winning is just an added bonus which keeps the game more engaging and entertaining. So in a casino, it is more likely that even when you lose, you feel high.

At Dharamraz, we consider Online Casino Games to be an entertainment activity. If you think your gambling has become a problem, please go through our gambling help, as it is very important if gambling disrupts your day to day activity.

Is there any other reason you think your brain loves to gamble? Let us know in the comments below.

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