The Battle Of Desktop vs Mobile Slots: What’s More Popular?

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Everyone burying their heads into their mobiles is a normal sight these days, and many are usually seen playing games. This brings to the topic, which is more popular,  desktop slots or mobile slots?

Many experienced casino players prefer the comfort of their office or home to play slots on desktop or laptop. However, millennial and people who spend long hours traveling to work or home fancy playing free casino slot games for fun on their mobiles. So, what is more, popular in Desktop vs Mobile slots?

We can compare both based on certain features, some of them are listed below:


For some desktop is very convenient and comfortable to play slots on. For those who spend their lives with their mobiles, playing free slots on their mobiles is more convenient, especially when they are on the go or simply prefer playing from the comfort of their bedroom. So, it is an individual choice and convenience of usability.

Screen size:

For those who have always loved playing on a big screen like a desktop, a smaller screen size of mobile will not be satisfactory for them and they may end up hating the idea. Whereas, those who like playing other games on mobile will not mind playing mobile slots.

Game longevity:

On a desktop your internet connection is constant, your screen is fixed without any sudden jerks, you have a calm environment to play slots without any battery interruptions and hence the game can last longer. While playing mobile slots, you may face low battery problems, but that can be fixed if you carry a power bank with you. For a constant internet connection, it is good if you buy mobile data.

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Privacy to play:

A desktop may not exude privacy for some gamer unless they are playing in a closed office cabin or home office.  Whereas, for those who give more importance to privacy to play games, free slot games for android phones or Apple phones are their best bet.


Desktop slots cannot be played anywhere else other than in a fixed place like your office or home, whereas, while playing mobile slots, the mobiles are portable, easy to carry. It gives the gamer the freedom to play from anywhere, anytime.

Variety of games:

The variety of games has increased tremendously to be played on both desktop and mobile. So, whether you love playing Mobile slots with real money or on desktop, you will thoroughly enjoy the games.

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Hence, the battle to play free mobile slots online or on the desktop boils down to individual preferences and their level of satisfaction. So, slots played on mobile or desktop are both popular and enjoyable for the players.


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