Why the Roulette James Bond Strategy Fails Most?

James Bond the famous personality and the professional gambler. In the Hollywood movies, the casino scenes generally showcase Mr. Bond playing Baccarat and we found he always win. In the successful world of fantasy, we should avoid the James Bond online casino roulette strategy at any cost. But you are not aware why does it fail where we live?

Know about the James Bond Roulette game strategy-

The one reason; simplicity makes this strategy popular among all. The whole system will work on single zero which is commonly the European wheel, and during the time of online casino roulette game, James bond strategy needs each round of betting be a multiple of $200. You can increase or decrease the wager here! Each gambler on the table has to remember 3 bets;

  • The first requires bet between $140 or a multiple on the number 19-36 profits $80.

  • The second requires players to bet for $50 on the number set 13-18 for the profits of $100.

The remaining amount of $10 a player bets for the ball to come to single zero wager basket. When roulette table ball falls in the zero slot you may win profits of $160.

Does this strategy work in casinos?

As per my opinion, the James Bond Roulette strategy doesn’t work properly? And here’s we will tell you why?

Once you bet on 19-36 numbers covering half of the roulette wheel, the addition of the number set 13-18 to create it so 3/4th of the wheel covered and while the betting on the 0 is used to be ‘’insurance’’.

In the world of gambling, Mr. Bond has made 3 independent bettings, there is no correlation between them and they do not even represent any particular wheel sector. There’s nothing to make special here……

As a professional gamer in the country, need convincing that James fictional character had no more idea about casino games winning, all you need to make the wager over a statistically amount of spins. Go for random number generator or a real physical roulette wheel, to start them use flat game betting of the same size then don’t forget to compare the win rate you’re expecting!

Note: Must visit online roulette game bets page to learn different expectations and odds of this casino game.

You will get to know your win rate is no more different to random..!

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