Casino Security Guide

The online casino market has enhanced and is widely available worldwide. After going to a number of casino sites, you have finally found the right casino with a good payout rate, a payment method that suits you, amazing graphics and themes, and an excellent bonus. You are all set, but then you ask yourself if your money is safe? Or if your data is in the right hands? Whenever you sign up to create a new account, the security concerns might always hammer your mind which may result into fluctuation of signing up or not. Don’t worry, Dharamraz has you covered. We’ll tell you how.

How Do These Online Casinos Stay Safe?

All the online real money casinos have to fall under a legal jurisdiction. They should be licensed to meet the requirements and expectations of players when it comes to safety. They are regulated and answerable under the particular jurisdiction, which keeps them from adopting unfair practices. A lot of rogue casinos evolve who fake their genuineness on their websites, but you can steer clear of such casinos as we have listed only those casinos which are highly reputable and fit into all the requirements for a trustworthy online casino and reaches our set standards.

How Choosing a Safe Casino Works?

Be Informed

It is considered very important to read the Terms and Conditions of whichever online casino site you choose before you sign up. It is highly recommended as it will keep you informed about the security measures of the casinos. Furthermore, if you can see that the casino's SSL and auditing certificates, you know that your data will remain confidential.

Check For SSL Double Layer Security, When Choosing A Casino

When you're choosing the right casino which you can trust, do look out for jurisdiction logos which is there on the casino homepage, and also check for an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and make sure all the data that they have mentioned is secure. If you can see a little padlock icon in corner of the web page in your browser, this means it's safe. SSL converts data into strings of data which can not be decoded by anyone.

Photo ID & Verification

To comply with these online gaming casinos and to ensure your security, the casinos ask for your ID verification to make a real cash withdrawal or when you're willing to play for real money. Verification ID can be your scan or a photo of your passport or driving license which is usually needed to verify your account (online casino gaming account). You are required to send the photo of your verification ID through email to the casino's website that you've chosen to play along with your account name and password. All the documents are then verified by the casino authority within 24-72 hours.

Check out for eCOGRA, TST and GLI

eCOGRA means e-Commerce & Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is an agency and specializes in certifying online gaming systems. They also make sure if the RNG's (Random Number Generator) is working properly and accurately or not. The eCOGRA logo is mentioned on the casino's homepage. The casino software is examined and checked at many websites by GLI which means at Gaming Laboratories International, whose TST that is testing wing carries out regular independent checks on all bets placed at a casino. This is done just to make sure that the payouts are accurate and fair.

Mandatory Independent Software Audits

When you're choosing a casino to play, you'll obviously want that it fulfills all the important aspect so that you can achieve complete satisfaction. Random Number Generators or RNGs are just not enough, regular audit checks are also compulsory. If a casino doesn't have Independent Software Audit, then it isn't worth playing. The Independent Software Audit is a part of gaming jurisdiction's specification used when granting gaming license that casino sites have Independent Audit in an accurate place.

Safeguard Your Bankroll

It is important, that when you invest too much of your time and energy, you choose a relevant and reliable casino. All of us play games for fun and entertainment, but when it comes to bringing money in line, you should be careful. Whenever you play at an online casino there might be a slight chance that you might hit a jackpot. This is quite obvious that when you play for multiple progressive jackpots, it is worth significant money. Moreover, having the difficulty to finally hit one of such jackpots at a casino which has no means of paying you would be devastating. So, to stay ensured, a good online casino security would be a smart way to safeguard your winnings. You shouldn't have any reason why you can't have fun or win.

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