Seek the privilege of the most well known and extravagant colorful game, lottery. Here you'll get to know about the game completely so that it's beneficial for you when you play for real money. Browse and learn about the game reviews, types of lottery, strategies and a lot more

about the game

A lottery is a form of Casino Game that involves drawing a number to get eligible for the big prize. Lotteries can come in various formats- where the prize is fixed either in the form of a cash amount or goods. This format of the lottery could result in a loss many a time, so a more popular format emerged where there is a 50-50 draw, that is the organizers and the winner both share the 50% of revenue.

Lotteries are usually regulated by the state, with the major regulation to avoid minors being a part of this betting. Other than that, a lot of states promote lotteries to shift the burden from income tax to get easy money from the lottery. In the 2000s, where online casinos have emerged and casinos have become safer and more regulated, more and more lotteries are coming which are giving higher chances for the players to win.

A new format of lottery allows players to select the number instead of drawing one, which results in multiple possibilities of the winner.

How to play lottery online


From a range of numbers, you can draw 6 numbers, either manually or you can opt for numbers chosen randomly by the device (Quick Pick or playing a dip). While selecting own numbers is the fun part of playing a lottery, many people believe that the system- generated number gives them an edge. The range usually consists of numbers from 40 up to 55.

The winning numbers are selected by special ball- drawing machines which shoots out 6 numbered balls and an extra bonus ball. If the 6 numbers on your ticket match the 6 drawn balls (in no particular order), you win the jackpot or division 1. Winnings in division 2 would occur when the 6 balls on your ticket matches after the bonus ball is drawn. Even if you don't match all the 6 numbers, there are prizes (comparatively smaller but with larger probability) for 3-5 matches as well. There can be 7 divisions in this way.

How much you can win depends on the amount of sales revenue from the ticket and the number of winners. The prize is split between the winners in case of a tie, or in the case where no one gets the matching numbers, the winnings get accumulated for next lotto.


A strike occurs when there is a match in any of the first 4 lotto balls in the order in which it is drawn. Matching all 4 gets you to avail the topmost prize. The winning numbers should be on the same line in the ticket. You can solely play strike for $1 a line or add Strike to any of your Powerball or Lotto tickets.


You can add a Powerball number to any of your lotto lines to become eligible to win bigger prizes. For that, you need to add a number between 1-10 in each line of your Powerball ticket. If the winning lotto line also has the winning Powerball number, your prize will increase.

Lottery Winning Strategy


Although Lottery is eventually about luck, the fun in the lottery is about coming up with strategies to come to a winning number. Also, a lot of repetitive winners admit that they use these strategies to increase their success rate. People all around the world use the following strategies to arrive at the chosen number.

Tracking- Going through previous winning numbers and choosing the number which has had the highest chances of occurrence or no occurrence at all. It is a method where the person uses the past performance of the number to judge its future performance, like in a horse race.

Wheeling- This is a strategy which people use when they have decided on their favorite 6 numbers, and want to use it in each line. The numbers are shuffled in various possibilities. You can choose full wheels where all possibilities are covered or short wheels cover some of the possibilities. The player can either buy a wheel from a specialist or make one himself.

Pooling- This is a strategy where people pull in their funds and buy more tickets and agree to share their losses and profits. This strategy ensures to get more possibilities covered and therefore increases the group’s chances of winnings. Although, you’ll have to split your winnings with all the people who’ve pulled in their funds. You should always only join a trustworthy pool or a lottery club.


Always buy your own tickets- This will reduce further conflicts that might arrive between the person who bought the ticket and the winner. For the same reason, you should also avoid borrowing to buy a ticket. You might think what difference 1$ would make until it hits the jackpot. Think like a winner.

Don’t go for popular numbers- Betting on popular series like 1,2,3,4,5,6 or multiples of a number is a very popular method. If it wins, the prize money would be split among thousands of people and you’ll get only a strike 3 worth amount eventually. Split your lucky numbers into different rows.

Always make a budget- It’s a game of chance and you should never overspend on buying tickets for the lottery. You’ll always feel like buying more and more but you should decide in advance when to stop yourself. Set an upper limit for your expenses and always stick to it.

Be Informed- Make sure you keep yourself informed of the right winning numbers. Cross check all the details and it is advisable not to throw your losing lottery ticket as it may also help you in some amount of tax evasion if you win later.


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Lottery FAQ

What is the difference between an annuity and lump sum?
The lottery offers the winners to choose either from a lump sum withdrawal or annuity. In lump sum withdrawal the winner gets the whole amount at once, while in annuity the amount is credited to him annually over a fixed number of period. You are entitled to receive more amount when you choose annuity. This difference in amount would vary according to the lottery policy.

Are the lottery winnings taxed?
Some lottery winnings are taxed at source, that is the tax is deducted before you get the winning amount. The take home winning will, therefore, be actually lesser than the overall jackpot that was advertised.

How do I know if I have the winning lottery ticket?
Each website announces in advance the scheduled date for giving out the winning numbers. If on that date the numbers selected by you matches the drawn numbers, you have won the lottery. There are 7 divisions in which you can win. In the case of online casinos, you’ll be immediately notified by the customer support along with the process of withdrawing your winnings.

Until when can I claim my prize?
Each lottery has a different term and condition. Some allow the winners to claim the prize for a year after the results are announced, some allow 180 days. To say, there can be a huge gap in the duration until which a player can claim their winnings. So, mark your calendar always check the results as soon as possible.

Can I claim my jackpot prize anonymously?
Yes, some lottery allows you to do that while others do not for the purpose of maintaining transparency and reliability on their lotteries. These Casinos don’t allow anonymous drawings to ensure the public that it was fair, the person was real and had no connection with the lottery party and to make people believe that everyone has an equal chance of winning. In all cases, only non identifying information would only be published.

How do I receive my winnings?
Secondary winnings are transferred to your bank account and if you hit the jackpot, you may have to collect the prize in person. In all cases, the lotter and the consumer support team would guide you through the process.

What is a bundle?
Bundles are packages of lottery where you can combine your personal entry ticket with syndicate shares. This is an advisable strategy as it increases your chances of winnings with group play and also lets you choose your own personal numbers. It’s like the best of both worlds in Lottery.

How are the prizes divided and paid out in a bundle?
If your personal entry ticket wins, the prize money is yours entirely. The syndicate wins are divided among the shareholders in equal amounts.

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